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Oxygen Initiative offers simple and easy electric vehicle charging solutions for utilities, commercial and multi-unit residential site-hosts and EV Drivers.

State-of-the-Art Charging

Oxygen Initiative offers a full-service suite of products and services to help you realizing electric vehicle infrastructure for your clients, employees or tenants.


Commercial and multi-unit dwelling residential site-host are faced with several challenges to realize an electric vehicle charging infrastructure for their tenants, employees or visitors. Oxygen offers a wide range of solutions ranging from, but not limited to; site-host administration, reporting, organizing subsidies and additional services that could profit the site-host.

Site-Host services

  • Enrollment for utility programs
  • Site-host administration
  • Reporting
  • Additional site-host services

Utility Services

Utilities are on the foreground of making the mass-adoption of electric vehicles successful. Oxygen Initiative realizes that with this great responsibility there lay even greater challenges utilities are facing.  With our team of experts and software tools we help solve these challenges for utilities.

Benefits of the Oxygen Self-Service Portal

Get access to the online-based user portal and obtain an over- view of the charging activities of your users. Furthermore, you can benefit from the graphical analysis of the charging stations and user data.

  • See and manage comfortably all the information about your charging station usage
    Look at the consumption data of your charge points and user permissions.
  • The charging data are available and selected individual on call. Download your charging records at any time in CSV format.
  • Take the advantage of the consumption data as support for your billing to employees and customers as well as to authorities and others.
  • Define contract-ID adjustments
    • Reservation time
    • Maximum amperage
    • RFID assignment
  • Manage permissions and set permissions by groups
    • Manage
    • Display
    • Change
    • Assign
  • Free and automated updates ensure compatibility with all cur- rent and future vehicles.

  • Customized branding available
Map with charging stations

Professional management of charging infrastructure.

Keep permanently connected to your charging infrastructure. Our platform gives you the opportunity to control and manage your charging infrastructure on your own.

  • Our fresh user interface can be easily accessed via the internet and therefore can be used immediately without complex installation.
  • It provides detailed information about your charging infrastructure.
  •  Configuring:
    • Overstrain the configuration of your charging outlets and determine, for example, individual charge speeds.
  • Clearing:
    • Unlock remotely also users without contract-ID (e.g. loss of the employee card).
  • Monitoring:
    • Observe the live status of your charging infrastructure and with it, reduce your service and maintenance costs.
  • Interference notification via e-mail:
    • If your charging infrastructure in not reachable for the Oxygen IT system for more than 24 hours, an automatic error message via e-mail will be sent to you.
Pesonalised log-in
Manage EV Driver users

Our new smartphone app

Allow your users to activate their charging sessions via our smartphone app. Reservation is also possible.

  • One-time entry of your customers data, such as contract ID and password
  • Activation of your charging session via voucher, credit card or PayPal.
  • Always display your charging energy level.
  • Display your charging history.
  • Store your favorite charging station.
  • Plan your charging route
  • Store your Vehicle data
  • NEW: Smart charging available
Basic customer smartphone app with billing history
EV specifications stored in database

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