Convenient & Simple Charging for Your Electric Vehicle



Oxygen Initiative’s standards-based smart charging platform is the next step in electric vehicle charging. Through Oxygen Initiative, owners of plug-in electric vehicles in California can look forward to:

Charging Made Easy (and Smart!)

Oxygen Initiative offers state-of-the-art charging stations to allow you to charge smarter and easier. We strive to make sure you have a wonderful changing experience.

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Plugging in EVs to station nearest to you.

With our POI eCharge smart phone application you can always find an available station nearest to you or favorite a station you use most frequent.

Getting paid to charge EVs.

Imagine being compensated by electric utilities for agreeing to delay charging sessions, reducing strain on the state’s power grid during times of peak demand. (That day is coming sooner than you think.)

Breathing easier.

If adoption spreads and more plug-in EVs are on the road, California could finally decommission the expensive and polluting “peaker plants” that support the grid during high-usage periods.