We Are Your Partner For All Your Electric Vehicle Charging Needs.

Whether you’re a commercial, workplace, or multi-unit residential business we help deliver a seamless electric vehicle charging experience for your tenants, employees, and customers.


More and more customers are choosing where they shop based on their ability to refuel their electric vehicles. Providing this convenience shows EV drivers that you’re part of the same movement they are!

Oxygen Initiative delivers the convenience drivers want without distracting you from your business. We’ll help give you, and your customers, a seamless experience that keeps everybody on the road.


Residents in apartments, condos, and other multi-family properties are more and more requesting access to EV charging stations.  Charging stations in multi-family facilities will be well utilized as residents like to charge overnight.

Extending this amenity improves resident satisfaction, increases property value and attracts residents that are environmentally minded.


With Oxygen Initiative’s advanced charge-management system, electric vehicle owners, fleet operators, charging hosts, cities, utilities and grid operators can identify and authenticate vehicles, coordinate the charging process, handle billing, and support services like remote diagnostics, navigation system updates and entertainment.

We will be your partner through the entire process of establishing your EV charging stations and support.

Oxygen Initiative offers a suite of personalized tools
that enables you to provide a seamless charging
experience with the equipment you choose.

User Friendly

Easy Driver





Main Features

Empowering Dashboard

  • Smart status overview of your stations in real-time
  • Direct access recent charing activity
  • Customizable to your preference

Smart admin interface

  • Browse your user base
  • Edit account information
  • Create custom billing reports

Station Map and Controls

  • Track and trace to locate charging stations
  • Search by address, id, or status
  • Start and stop a charging session

Easily track station usage

  • Customize your reporting format
  • Select from a variety of report types
  • Uncover long or short-term charging trends

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