What is ISO 15118?

ISO 15118 defines the “vehicle-to-grid” communication interface. As the first and only standard to integrate electric vehicles into the power grid, ISO 15118 makes it possible to identify and authenticate a vehicle, coordinate the charging process, handle the billing, and support additional services such as remote diagnostics, navigation system updates and entertainment.

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What is Vehicle-Grid Integration (VGI)?

Vehicle-grid integration encompasses the ways EVs can manage charging or support two-way interaction between vehicles and the grid. Managed charging refers to the technical capability to modulate the electric charging of the vehicle through delay, throttling to draw more or less electricity, or switching load on or off. Two-way interaction refers to the controlled absorption and discharge of power between the grid and a vehicle battery, or a building and a vehicle battery.

VGI is enabled through technology and products that provide reliable vehicle charging services to EV owners. These products potentially additional revenue opportunities while reducing risks and creating cost savings opportunities for grid operators. VGI tools might include technologies like inverters, controls or chargers, or programs and products, such as time of use tariffs or bundled charging packages.

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